Jury Rapport – Data Driven Creative

Category: Data Driven Creative

Shortlist: BLUE MANGO INTERACTIVE – Media Markt, Time’s up

NMPi – Transavia, Real-time Pricing & Seat Availability

TRAFFIC4U – Wehkamp, Dynamic Video Christmas Campaign

Winner: TRAFFIC4U – Wehkamp, Dynamic Video Christmas Campaign

Case Introduction:

This category is designed to award market recognition to the most creative use of data to boost a brand’s relevancy and communication efforts, based on market conditions and/or consumer behaviour. cases on this category were expected to provide a clear description of how data is used to: 1) designed the campaign’s communication strategy and 2) empowered the audience target. All with the end goal to drive the most relevant message, at the right time, to the right consumer.

The jury also considered additional factors such as; how innovative has this process been? would this approach be scalable? and to what extent the campaign’s executional structure and the dynamic creative communication used led to a significant uplift in the results?

Shortlist 1 – BLUE MANGO INTERACTIVE – Media Markt, Time’s up


With consumers’ attention become more difficult to get, the averages creatives’ animation lasting 10 seconds length and Blue Mango’s and Media Markt’s insights highlighting an average exposure time to last not longer than 3 second, both parties partner up and use their insights to improve the impact of their ad.  


Based on historical insights both parties decided to shorten the creative animation and communication by cutting the promotional communication layer of the creatives, as CTA and price had shown to have a higher consumer impact. Additionally, to give optimal impact to every impression, they developed Time’s Up: an application where we bring together creation, data and technology. Time’s Up analyzes historical log-level data of campaigns and adjusts the length of the animation dynamically to the domain, the placement, the size of the ad and the device type.

This test was executed with a use of a control group to with the normal creative where delivered to. all with the aim to have a clear comparison between approaches.


With the help of Time’s Up, more consumers came into contact with both the branding message in the animation and with the products. This resulted in more impact and better results.

By dynamically optimizing the length of creations, we convey the message of our advertisers more efficiently and effectively to the consumer. As a result, we create less ‘waste’, which means that we achieve a better performance for the customer

Jury Feedback

The Majority of the Jury felt that this was a very innovative approach, as technology and insights are used to optimize communication length across individual placement. However, this approach is perceived more as an innovative solution than a strong case for this category. it failed to highly the clear use of audience segments, fragmented communication goals and impact measurement seem poor, due to the lack of concrete numbers.


Shortlist 2 – NMPi – Transavia, Real-time Pricing & Seat Availability


NMPi was asked to improve communication gaps on real-time ticket pricing, based on consumer behaviour. all with the believe that by providing the correct ticket pricing (instead of the “from €XX.xx” regular expression) within their remarketing expression, consumer experience would improve and so conversion rates.


A new retargeting setup was implemented with multiple banners variations and communication strategies aligned to the consumer funnel stages(High, Mid and Low). Additionally, with the Low funnel creatives, NMPi developed an API connection between NMPi buying system and Transavia’s booking platform. This enabled NMPi to always communicate the lowest available rate within all creatives for flight chosen by individual customers, in combination with the number of available seats for this price. If these seats are then sold, the content of the banner is automatically adjusted accordingly.


In addition, within the new setup, the focus was mainly on current price communication. which by we expected the use of current price compared to the off-price would show a decrease in CTR, but also an increase in the CR. This is also confirmed by the first results, with a 33% lower CTR and a 40% higher CR.

Jury Feedback

Good case in general. Although, this is an interesting use of API connection to address a concrete issue and good use of real-time DC communication, the majority of the jury members didn’t find this case outstanding. The funnel communication approach seem quite standard and it failed to clearly highlight the use of an audience segmentation approach, considering the vast majority of destinations and content transavia has or offer.


Shortlist 3 – TRAFFIC4U – Wehkamp, Dynamic Video Christmas Campaign


Help Wehkamp to leverage the vast amount of consumer data they have in an scalable manner to drive a personalized communication during the christmas period. All with the aim to increase order frequency and ROAS among Wehkamp’s regular consumer.


In order to be able to increase the relevance among the target group, Traffic4U developed a Dynamic Video (DV) strategy. With the help of Storyteq, image and text where adjusted relevantely, based on multiple audience variables.

For the Christmas campaign, there were four types of customers based on buying behavior. 4 highly relevant website categories were included during the period such as Christmas gifts and party clothing. Additionally, a countdown to Christmas variable and a ‘sunday delivery’ USP was introduced to enable consumer to have their order delivered on Christmas Eve. These elements were combined so that a bargain hunter who had looked at the party clothing had the CTA ‘Order now the best Christmas fashion deals’ a party dress image and the number of days until Christmas. A mother who bought everything for the family and looked at gifts on December 23, received the USP ‘Tomorrow free delivery, even on Sunday’ in combination with a gift image. In this way, every customer got a more relevant message to stimulate sales.


The campaign was very successful! with the use of DV, T4U experiences an increased in ROAS of 23%, in comparison to general static video usage, and an increase in consumers relevancy among target groups. Without DV, T4U would have had to deploy and management more than 272 videos, making it difficult to execute and, above all, no-profitable. By Storyteq’s technology, T4U had the possibility to include multiple variable elements, based on customer data. This resulted in a higher relevancy, which contributes to the positive results and increase in ROAS. Last but not least, this technique enable us to achieved time and cost savings on video production and executional hours.

Jury Feedback

See below..

Winner evaluation

TRAFFIC4U – Wehkamp, Dynamic Video Christmas Campaign

Unanimous Jury rating (highest in that category): 4,51 (out of 5)

– “Toffe aanpak, nieuwe creatieve oplossing die volledig dynamisch is: vrij uitzonderlijk in de video space.”

– “Creatives zien er fantastisch uit en geven de mogelijkheid om tegelijkertijd een  emotionele en rationele boodschap over te brengen.

– “Heel goed, van het bepalen van de KPIS tot aan het mee laten lopen van een TVS om het effect van personalisatie te meten.”

– “Indrukwekkend, hoeveel variabelen en mogelijkheden er met elkaar gecombineerd worden!”

in comparison to other cases, this case highlight a clear use of audience segmentation and fragmented communication. well supported with KPIs measurement strategy and strong performance results. All powered by clients 1st party data and boost with a very innovative dynamic (Video) adformat. All in all, a winner case!