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Shortlist: ANNEMARIE BROUWER – Traffic4U


DENNIS STAL – Bannerconnect



Talent Introduction

Shortlist 1 – ANNEMARIE BROUWER – Traffic4U

Annemarie started with an Online Marketing Traineeship, which got shortened due to her outstanding results. As Online Marketing Consultant she very quickly took the lead for the major Traffic4U clients. Through her expertise and drive in many areas she got promoted to Senior Product Specialist in a record-tempo of 2,5 years where she is now responsible for quality and innovation for Traffic4U, driving outstanding results for their clients.

Annemarie is a hard worker who is constantly looking for how she can advise her clients even better and achieve better results. She is also curious about developments in the market that can contribute to the result and she also gladly takes her customers along in these developments. She writes and reads blogs, is one of the best case writers of Traffic4u and she is always at the forefront when it comes to visiting events that can help her and her clients.

“Her interest in innovative developments is characteristic of Annemarie, as she was the first in the Netherlands to participate in Programmatic Audio Alpha within Doubleclick, was responsible for the introduction of dynamic video within IPG Mediabrands (the parent company of Traffic4u) and is currently testing a group of colleagues the possibilities of programmatic DOOH for its customers.
While Annemarie is a Product Specialist Display, it tries to break through silos and always works from the multi-channel perspective

Annemarie is a driven Campaign Manager, who does everything she can to achieve the best result for her clients, her innovative approach being her secret weapon, and her curiosity about new developments, including the multichannel thought and scalability of campaigns, her work is paying off for the industry, Traffic4u, her customers and colleagues.

Jury Feedback

Annemarie is a very ambitious Campaign Manager, she is result driven, reliable, open for innovation and tries out new things. She makes sure to stay informed and up to date, to be connected with the market. She also shares her knowledge to lift up clients and colleagues and adds true value for many people. She sets the bar very high for people within her job profile.


Shortlist 2 – AXINJA SCHOENMAKER – Abovo Media

Mastered University of amsterdam with cum laude, she stared as Online Media Planner at Above in 2014. Her ambition, drive and critical thinking brought her to where she is now: Team lead and Senior Campaign Manager. She boosted Abovos digital business, helped to set up their Trading Desk and she really makes a difference by constantly bringing programmatic to the next level. She organised the “Programmatic Friday” where she shares knowledge and innovative solutions with her colleagues.

Digital was still in its infancy at Abovo Media in 2014 and was only a “link” in the relatively simple and well-organized media landscape. Axinja has given it a digital boost from the start with her sharp and down-to-earth view of things and helped to set up the Abovo Trading Desk and was part of the plans and services of Abovo Media. Axinja has the exceptional talent to combine strategic thinking, technology and the objectives of the customer easily and effectively and to set and implement them in comprehensive plans. Axinja really makes the difference whereby she always submits herself to the final goal of programmatic and to bring it further. Her modesty is her strength.

Her increasing knowledge of programming and her drive to do things simpler and more effective have ensured that the development of Programmatic has taken a flight within Abovo Media. She is structurally working with the development team and does not accept “because that’s how it is”. She searches everything down to the bottom.

Every second Friday of the month, Axinja or someone from her team gives a deep-dive in a subject of Programmatic in which all of Abovo but also the customers are invited with the aim of extending the knowledge as widely as possible.

Jury Feedback

Axinja is a great and very talented campaign manager who challenges herself and colleagues, who is very result driven and is always keen to educate herself and others. She is very sophisticated and smart in using different DSPs for the best possible outcome. The jury would have loved to get a better glimpse on clear results that she had driven and on how she embraces innovation/new products.


Shortlist 3 – DENNIS STAL – Bannerconnect

Dennis started in 2015 with no background, he is a very fast learner, consuming all programmatic knowledge he could find and was quickly able to translate data into clear findings. With his knowledge exceeding expectations, in 2017 he was leading a major client implementation, became the go-to person for the team and got promoted to Senior Programmatic Specialist.

He sets high-quality standards on both a campaign and knowledge level as for new projects but he always makes sure to share his knowledge with the team.

Dennis has a huge sense of responsibility and looks at cases from both the client’s perspective as from the company’s perspective.

He shares his knowledge with his team and proactively helps and motivates his colleagues to improve their work and the quality of their work.

When the client or media agency wants to try out new things, Dennis makes sure he knows everything about this topic and finds the right people to help him gain knowledge about this topic, in order to find the best solution. Together with the client, he developed new targeting strategies and an advanced use of audiences, he targeted the right users and he measured the right performance and KPIs. He also negotiates with publishers to gain the best and most relevant deals for the client and arranges innovating projects together with these publishers. Within the company, Dennis helps out all the teams in Operations by sharing his knowledge. Besides that, he is always motivating the team to work in the most efficient way, by making sure everyone stores their campaign and personal knowledge information structured and up to date.

Jury Feedback

Dennis shows a very impressive growth path and a wider spectrum for his abilities and skills. He is developing fast, is educating himself and others to do better. He tackles new challenges and cooperates with other teams and colleagues. He is slowly moving into a more strategic/advisory role, mentoring others. We would have loved to get more details on results and impact, how he improved campaigns and clients KPIs and how important programmatic is for him in his day to day job.


Shortlist 4 – JEROEN KRIKKE – Havas Media

Jeroen is programmatic through and through. He is constantly challenging himself, colleagues and also clients about new topics and solutions. He is very result-driven, entrepreneurial, accurate and passionate about what he is doing and can do in the future. In a fairly short time period, Jeroen became the “programmatic oracle” within Havas and when he says something, you can trust that he is mostly right and the results support this.

Result driven is a term that you often hear, but Jeroen really never gives up. An answer that is not enough or leaves a slight doubt? Jeroen will always want to find out in detail why something does not work or how it can be improved. He is challenging DSPs and Publishers and that adorns him and makes him a good acquaintance in the programmatic field.

He is helpful towards juniors, volunteers and interns. He will always take the time to explain something fine and will not stop until it has fully arrived.

Finally, the fact that he has risen into a consultant in the Programmatic pyramid of Havas in no time says enough.

He is very much appreciated by his clients, rolling out new strategies and set-ups for them to improve their results. Internally, he developed a new operating strategy for programmatic, is busy with DSP curation and Viewability, Ad Fraud and Brand safety.

Further he provides knowledge sessions on programmatic developments to customers, internally and at events.

Jury Feedback

Jeroen is a digital and programmatic native who developed strongly in a fairly short amount of time. He is determined, passionate and very knowledgeable. He continues to educate himself and others, he digs into problems and tries to resolve them. He will make it very hard for new campaign managers at Havas to step into his shoes. We would have loved to hear more on the innovation and tactics and his skills on the technology & data side.

Winner evaluation


Both Jury- and public ratings clearly showed the highest ranking for Annemarie.

All 4 candidates were really strong, but with Annemarie the Jury got the best sense of passion & knowledge about programmatic, also on the execution side regarding tactics, technologie, data and on innovation. She also stays connected to the market by meeting a variety of market participants at events or knowledge sessions, through blogs, etc. She shares her knowledge and makes sure the entire company raises the bar. We were very impressed with her profile, her impact and her development. Chapeu to all the candidates, the bar is set very high for future campaign managers!